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Language Courses

ALC offers four years of Korean language courses from the introductory to advanced levels. We also offer an Accelerated course of second-year level Korean for heritage learners.

Regular Track

KOREAN 111-1, 2, 3: Korean I - This three-quarter sequence of beginning level Korean is designed for beginners with no previous background in the language.

KOREAN 121-1, 2, 3: Korean II - This second year-long course is a sequel to Korean I and it is designed for students who completed Korean 111-3 or who have the equivalent proficiency.

KOREAN 211-1, 2, 3: Korean III - This year-long course for the third year Korean is designed to further develop students’ linguistic and cultural competence, dealing with various topics in connection with current issues and society.

KOREAN 311-1: Korean IV: Introduction to Korean Literature -  This fourth year Korean language class is designed to develop students' proficiency at an advanced level through studying Korean literature.

KOREAN 311-2: Korean IV: Korean through Movies - This fourth year Korean language class is designed to develop linguistic and cultural proficiency at advanced level through movies.

KOREAN 311-3: Korean IV: Topics in the News - This course is an advanced Korean language class taught with the theme of current issues.

Accelerated Track

KOREAN 125-1,2: Korean II – This is the two-quarter sequence of the second year Accelerated Korean, designed for Korean heritage students with oral proficiency and basic reading and writing skills.

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