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Language Courses

The regular track is meant for students with no experience in learning Chinese.

Regular Track

CHINESE 111-1,2,3 Chinese I - This three-quarter sequence of beginning college level Chinese is designed for true beginners with no previous background in the language.

CHINESE 121-1,2,3 Chinese II - This three-quarter sequence is designed for students who have completed Chinese 111 at Northwestern or the equivalent elsewhere.

CHINESE 211-1,2,3 Chinese III - This three-quarter intermediate-level course is designed to further develop students' communicative competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing in modern Chinese as well as to deepen understanding of Chinese culture and social issues.

CHINESE 311-1,2,3 Chinese IV - Formal Speaking/Formal Writing/Formal Reading - This independent quarterly course is designed to develop students’ abilities to read short literary works in the original Chinese, with the continuing improvements of the other three language skills—listening, speaking and writing.

Accelerated Track

CHINESE 115-1,2,3 Chinese I - This is an introductory course in Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua), designed for students who have had exposure to spoken Mandarin Chinese, such as Chinese heritage students who speak Mandarin Chinese at home, or other students who have reached the proficiency level to be in this class.  Mandarin Chinese is the means of instruction.

CHINESE 125-1,2,3 Chinese II - This course is an intermediate Chinese class for heritage learners with intermediate to advanced-low listening/speaking proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, and with reading and writing ability equivalent to a student who has completed CHINESE 115.

CHINESE 215-1,2,3 Chinese III -This is a three-quarter sequence of intermediate-advanced Chinese, with emphasis on formal speaking and writing.

CHINESE 315-1,2,3 Chinese IV - Advanced Modern Chinese - This is a quarter-long series of advanced modern Chinese courses composed by the following independent courses: Chinese 315-1: Formal writing and Public speaking, Chinese 315-2: Advanced Reading and Writing, Chinese 315-3: Media and Society.  The content of these three courses covers contemporary social and media issues in China such as Chinese economy, education, and pop culture.

Business Chinese Courses

CHINESE 212-0 Chinese in Business Practice 1- Basic business Chinese focused on professional settings. For students interested in using business-related texts to learn Chinese or aspiring to China-focused careers.

CHINESE 312-1 Chinese Business Practice 2 - Training for professional tasks using Chinese. Especially for students who completed 212 or aspire to China-focused
careers or to becoming multiproficient business professionals.

CHINESE 312-2 Multinational Corporations in China - Training in business reading skills, with a focus on case studies, and speaking/writing skills for discussing business topics professionally. Designed for students interested in China’s economic development and using Chinese in their careers.

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