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Language Placement

Japanese Language Placement Test 2019-2020

Who needs to take the Japanese placement test?

  1. Students who want to use Japanese to satisfy the Weinberg and the School of Communication’s two-­‐year foreign requirement.
    2. Students who want to study Japanese at Northwestern and have prior knowledge of Japanese. Students who know some Japanese as well as some Hiragana/Katakana must take the Japanese placement test.
    3. Students who have come back from study abroad, and need to be placed into appropriate level of Japanese class or need to earn specific Japanese language credits.

The above apply to all students in all schools and programs, including graduate and professional schools. Transfer students are also required to take the Japanese placement exam before registering for Japanese courses or need articulation of credits they earned at their previous institution.

What will the Japanese placement test look like?

The Japanese placement test has four sections: The kanji, grammar, and reading comprehension sections are taken online; the final section on short-­essay writing is completed on paper.

Students who would like to use Japanese to fulfill their schools’ foreign language requirement may be required to take the oral test for proficiency validation after the placement test. The instruction for this oral exam will be given on the day of the placement test. The entire test takes about one to four hours to finish, depending on the student’s knowledge of Japanese and the level of class he is most likely placed into.

When and where will the Japanese placement test take place?

Time (Tentative): Tuesday, September 17th 2019, 1:00 p.m.--­5:00 p.m.
Place (Tentative): Kresge 2-­524

The online test will not be available during the summer. All of the four sections of the Japanese placement test take place on the above date and time.

Where will the placement test results be posted?
The placement results will be posted online at by 12:00 noon on September 18th (Tentative) unless different arrangements are made in advance.

Note for students with Japanese AP scores:
You are all required to take the placement test during the designated time above if you would like to study Japanese at NU and/or satisfy the foreign language requirement of your school.

Please contact Junko Sato(さとう先生)

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