Norbu Samphell Lecturer

Norbu Samphell was born in Western Tibet, in a nomadic tribe called Yakra, in the mountainous region of Holy Mount Kailash and Mansarowar Lake. He was raised and educated in India as he escaped as a child along with his parents into India when Communist Chinese occupied Tibet.

He has studied in Tibetan Schools in India under great Scholars like Gaden Zeme Tuklu and His Eminence Jamphel Shenphen, a former Gaden Throne Holder and many other Tibetan Scholars.

TIBETAN LANGUAGE TEACHING COURSE: He had full time, 8 hour a day intensive training in the Tibetan language, literature, history and religion for a year under the Department of Tibetan Education. He received special teaching on an individual bases from Masters of all 4 schools of Tibetan spiritual traditions.

As a non-sectarian Buddhist interpreter. He translates for visiting spiritual masters and lamas in Midwest region and Chicago.

He has an MA in English literature from University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, India.