Yumi Shiojima Japanese Language Program Study Abroad and Outreach Coordinator; Associate Professor of Instruction

Shiojima received her M.S.Ed. from University of Pennsylvania. She has extensive experience in classroom teaching, coordination of instruction, and curriculum development, both in the U.S. and Japan, including at Rhodes College, the Japanese School at Middlebury College and the Summer Intensive Program at the Japan Center for Michigan Universities.

At Northwestern, her course development and teaching credits include courses at all levels, most notably, a writing-focused course in the thematically-based fourth-year curriculum. Shiojima is a recipient of the Arts and Sciences Alumni Teaching Award (2010-2011) of the Weinberg College Distinguished Teaching Awards. Her scholarly interests include second language writing instruction, study abroad and teacher development.

Shiojima co-authored The IES Abroad MAP (Model Assessment Practice) for Language and Intercultural Communication for the IES (Institute for the International Education of Students) Abroad in 2011. Shiojima served as the Co-Chair of the Council on Language Instruction (2008-2011), the overarching organization of language instructors at Northwestern that advises on language pedagogy issues and promotes professional development of language instructors. She serves as a Fellow at the International Studies Residential College.