Ihnhee Kim Korean Language Program Placement Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Instruction

Ihnhee Kim received her doctorate degree in Second Language Education with a focus on curricula, instruction, and technology from Temple University. Equipped with linguistics, applied linguistics, literature and language education throughout her academic courses both in Korea and America, she has specialized in second language acquisition (SLA), bilingualism, and discourse analysis. Not only has she taught all levels of Korean language courses at several universities, but also she has been involved with curriculum development, placement testing, teaching material development, and outreach projects.

Her research topics include intercultural communicative competence, identity, socio- cultural theories, cultural literacy, media literacy, innovative teaching methods, pedagogy, and so forth. Currently, she is actively participating in language assessments as a certified tester of both ILR and ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interviews, and she is also working for ACTFL Writing Proficiency Test. In addition to her service as a peer reviewer at ACTFL conferences, she consistently engages in research and professional development.