David Boyk Urdu Language Program Placement Coordinator; Assistant Professor of Instruction

David Boyk teaches courses in Hindi-Urdu language, literature, and film.
He received his Ph.D. in History from the University of California,
Berkeley, in 2015.

His research interests include the history of Hindi and Urdu language
and literature, as well as urban and regional history in South Asia. His
dissertation, “Provincial Urbanity: Intellectuals and Public Life in
Patna, 1880-1930,” examined Patna, a city in the north Indian region of
Bihar, and showed how it retained its vitality, particularly in Urdu
literary culture, even as it was increasingly seen as a part of the
“mofussil,” or provinces.

Before coming to Northwestern in 2016, Boyk taught in the History
department at the University of California, Berkeley.